Friday, October 22, 2010

Product Review: Ian's Mac and NO Cheese (GF)

So I'll start my renewed commitment to the food blog with a product review. Ian's Mac and NO Cheese which is also gluten free. It uses nutritional yeast for the cheesy base, so it is a lot different than Amy's Mac and Cheese with Daiya. I like it, though.

I use a microwave to make this stuff, and the directions are: poke holes in plastic, then micro for 2min on high, then remove overwrap, stir, micro one more min, and let stand. After the first 2 minutes, during the first stir, this stuff is REALLY questionable: it's runny, the pasta is not done, and does not resemble any mac and cheese I know. Do not give up! After the next minute in the micro, the sauce thickens and the pasta becomes more al dente.

This stuff alone is not bad, but I have been really enjoying it with mixed vegetables and sliced veggie dogs along with some ketchup and hot sauce. Definitely not for everyone, but worth a try.

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