Thursday, August 16, 2007

Curried Potato Apple Burrito

Weird, right? But tasty, I swear. So, going off my idea for curried mashed potatoes, I decided to continue testing my theory that everything is good in sandwich form. Soups are about the only thing unable to really be in sandwich form, but bread is usually good with soups, and soup can be served in a breadbowl which is almost a sandwich.

Ok. Here's what you need. I'm only going to link to the picture, because something happened to the pic and it turned a bizarre violet-pink. I have no idea what happened, but it is blinding and somehow replaced the original. Whatever.

What You Need (also link to pic)

mashed potatoes, I used instant
curry powder
coriander chutney
tortilla, I used French Meadow small Fat Flush tortilla

Put about 1/3c potatoes, mix in 1/4t or less of curry powder (a little goes a long way). Mix in a tiny amount of coriander chutney and add some raisins:

Slice some apples thinly, add to tortilla. Fold like burrito and enjoy. I recommend more apples for better texture. I thought this was quite tasty.

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