Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chino Latino

Chino Latino is a local restaurant owned by Parasole which serves "Street foods from the hot zones." It's a mix of Asian, South American and Latin American foods. The waitstaff is always friendly and is willing to go to great lengths to figure out what is vegan and what is not.

This is tofu satay, which was a new offering. We usually get portobella satay, which is really tasty, but this was excellent as well. Crispy fried tofu cubes on skewers, served with sweet and sour dipping sauce, quick-pickled cucumbers, and sticky rice.

I enjoyed my skewer with soy sauce and added hot sauce. I really wish this was served with the garlic soy sauce that accompanies the portobella satay. We also had several veggie potstickers, but I didn't take any photos of those because I inhale them all too quickly. Last, but certainly not least, we had "Popocatepe" aka "nacho fries." I order it minus the dairy (cheese, sour cream, and chile de arbol sauce which apparantly has dairy in it.) It's served with pico de gallo, black beans, and guacamole.

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