Saturday, October 18, 2008

Update: I'm Still Eating, I Swear

Update: Here is a photo of the bowl I purchased that I speak about later in this post:

The Saucy Coconut is still alive and still eating.

This shortage in food posts will continue until sometime after December 15th. You see, The Saucy Coconut has a full time school schedule (the last semester, yay!) and also has another job other than posting on the interwebz about the joy of food. (Surprising, I know.)

Not to leave this post completely food-free, I have two mini reviews to give.

The first, St. Martin's Table. Yes, it's a Christian-based place that is a bookstore as well as a sit down restaurant serving soups, salads, bread and sandwiches. I'm not religious, unless food is a religion (which I would gladly lead.) It's an all-vegetarian place, and there is always one vegan soup available. I am a BIG fan of soup, particularly during the big cool down during October into November. It's the time of year to pull out all the sweaters and cardigans, even some scarves and mittens. The soup that I had was a curried potato kale soup which was great. I did not take photos, unfortunately. However, they were also selling handmade bowls for $10 and I picked one up immediately.

A short tangent about dishes and eating utensils. I love bowls, they are by far my favorite dish to eat from. I also have a fondness for the hybrid plate-bowl, those shallow bowls that are as wide as a medium sized plate. I also prefer forks as an eating utensil to anything else other than chopsticks. Only if I absolutely MUST eat things with a spoon (most cereals come to mind as well as particularly brothy soups) will I use one.

I recently watched the movie Ratatouille (2007), the animated Pixar/Disney movie. For those who don't know, the movie takes place in a French restaurant and centers around a little rat who has exceptional cooking skill and befriends a clumsy garbage boy in order to teach him/use him to become the best chef in Paris. If you love cooking and media-related cooking stuff, this is for you. I certainly don't have children, but I really love anything Pixar does, and this is no exception. Great movie, worth renting.

Also, Top Chef, one of my favorite TV Chef-Centered shows, and by far my favorite "reality" show, starts Season 5 on Wednesday November 12th. Click the link for a rundown on contestants and other misc. information. This season it's in NYC.

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