Sunday, May 8, 2011

Snobby Joes with Coleslaw

I've made vegan Sloppy Joes plenty of times, with "beef" crumbles, tvp, or lentils. However, I've never made it from scratch, I've always just used a can of Manwich. I finally decided it was time to just suck it up and make it from scratch. Well, that and I had a TON of lentils that I just barely burned a few of while trying to make the lentil meatballs yesterday.

I used an oldie but goodie from The Post Punk Kitchen, Snobby Joes.[link to recipe] Pretty straightforward. I didn't really modify anything other than using red and yellow small sweet peppers because I had a ton of those and no green bell pepper.

I served the mixture on Arnold's Multi-Grain Sandwich Thins along with spinach and a small bowl of coleslaw

The coleslaw was just a boring bag of shredded coleslaw, BUT with the awesomeness that is Organicville's Non-Dairy Coleslaw Dressing. I like it quite a bit as it hit the spot for my strange coleslaw craving of the past few weeks.

Here are more photos!

A closeup

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