Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chickpea Pot Pie With Whole Wheat Crust [Vegan Mofo]

I missed another day for Vegan Month of Food! Yikes! I'm actually doing much better than I anticipated I would, so that's great.

For today's entry, we have a delicious Chickpea Pot Pie. It was the first pot pie I've made from scratch, and it was AWESOME. Don't know why I haven't been doing this for years, because I love pot pie, and those Amy's pot pies can get expensive!

onions, frozen mixed vegetables, butternut squash (diced), russet potatoes (diced/cubed), garlic (minced), wild rice, chickpeas.

For the crust, I kind of looked at other recipes I found on the internet, and I liked the recipe from Apartment Therapy @ The Kitchn's technique: freeze everything: the flour, the mixing bowl, the fork/cutting instrument, butter. I used only whole wheat flour and mixed in with a store brand of margarine that we recently found (it doesn't taste that great, I prefer Earth Balance for my stick butters). The crust was good, but I think I'd like some white flour in there next time, or even making a bottom crust as well.

For the sauce, I used Road's End Golden Gravy packet. It worked great. I used some flour to help thicken it after I added a lot of water for the rice to cook in. I seasoned with salt, thyme, and sage.

I finished in the oven until the crust was done. Excellent dish. I liked the wild rice as something different and the chickpeas went really well with everything.

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