Friday, October 14, 2011

Mock Duck with Coconut Curry [Vegan Mofo]

Okay, so I owe this blog at least two days of multiple posts for Vegan Mofo.

Oh! And, I won something! I was super-excited to see my name up at the Vegan Mofo Blog. They have been doing daily giveaways, and I WON the So Delicious giveaway! Yay me! Ok, on to the food...

Mock Duck is easily one of my favorite foods, ever. It's the key in my favorite Laab Salad, it is my favorite pizza topping and my favorite at-home stir fry with curry sauce ingredient, as pictured above.

The curry was simple: one can of coconut milk and a couple spoonfuls of green curry paste. The stir fry: I sauteed onions that were thinly sliced and roughly chopped, then added the mock duck. Make sure to THOROUGHLY rinse the weird oil that they are canned in, and then I chopped the pieces to be more even in shape and size. I added a bag of frozen veggies that had asparagus, carrots, mushrooms, and other veggies. The whole thing is served over brown rice, but easily could be noodles instead.

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