Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vegan Dad's Deli Meat, Round 1

This was my first attempt at Vegan Dad's Veggie Lunch Meat. It was pretty good! I just kept it in tube form and sliced throughout the week. Mr. Coconut liked it a lot, I hope to add more flavor in the future. Mine did not turn out nearly as great looking as Vegan Dad's, but I was pretty proud for a first try. By the end of the tube, it reminded me of leftover turkey because I could no loner slice like thin deli meat, but more rough angles and whatnot.
I love lots of the sliced "meat" like Tofurky and Light Life - but it is SO EXPENSIVE. Plus, those are loaded with random, unknown ingredients. It was great to know every single thing that went into this dish. This made me feel very accomplished. My steamer rig was also interesting - an amalgamation of toaster oven parts and other parts to create the best setup possible.

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