Sunday, March 9, 2014

Food for Your Face: Dry Winter Skin Edition

Faced with another avocado that went bad (I don't know why but lately I keep forgetting that we have avocado until it's too late) I hit up Google to see if there was another use for old avocados. Lo and behold, face and hair masks came up in more than one search result.

It has been a particularly rough winter - coldest in my lifetime for sure - which has been wreaking havoc on my face, hands, and other skin that gets exposed to the bitter wind chills. (Seriously, Minnesota has experienced 53 days at or below zero degrees F. Fifty-three. Yikes.)

I did a little more research with Google to see what else I can do to help my poor face. I wound up doing a sugar scrub - just sugar and a little water - to exfoliate first. Then I cracked open one of the avocados and spread a bunch of it on my face. I let it sit and absorb into my skin for 10 minutes or so, then gently wiped my face clean with a warm washcloth. I ended with spreading coconut oil all over my face as well. I've been using coconut oil as a hand/cuticle moisturizer for a while now and love it, and have used it on my face as well.

Result: fantastic! My face is soft and supple, not dry and irritated. I am totally going to continue to use up the avocado on my face!

I always wanted to use more food products as face cleansers, and look forward to making different masks I found online.

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