Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Vegg Part 1: Chik'n Tofu

First thing is first: my Magic Bullet broke! NOOOOOoooo!

Second: has it really been four months since my last post. Yikes!

I was able to get a new Magic Bullet from Target, and I might be able to repair my old one. Whew. I finally opened my new bullet today to try out The Vegg - the vegan egg yolk product that has the vegan blogosphere excited. I was able to score a free sample from the kind folks at The Vegg, along with their cookbook. The Vegg is a powdery substance made of nutritional yeast and a few other ingredients that create an egg yolk liquid when blended with water.

Here is the package of the actual powdered Vegg:

And the cookbook:

I decided to try it out with some battered tofu triangles in a chik'n seasoned flour.

I blended up 1tsp of The Vegg powder with 1/4c water in the Magic Bullet. The Vegg transformed into a thick, egg yolk-like substance! Crazy! It tasted very egg-like as well, like a broken yolk on an over easy egg.

I pressed some tofu triangles to get the moisture out, then coated each piece in The Vegg mixture, and then coated in the seasoned flour. Put it all in the toaster oven until the outside was golden brown. I served with BBQ sauce, Goddess Dressing, and zesty steak sauce.

Verdict: The Vegg is fascinating, and I am excited to try it in more dishes. The chik'n tofu was a great snack, the coating of Vegg seemed to make a difference in texture, which is awesome.

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