Monday, July 30, 2007

Brunch: Pancakes and Strawberry Soymilk

This was a banner weekend. You can tell this blog is influencing me and motivating me, because I never cook this much, especially big project style brunch foods.

I really wanted pancakes Sunday morning. I wanted to make them from sratch. However, a quick once over of my pantry revealed that I am out of sugar. How can I be out of sugar? I have brown sugar, but as I was considering using that, I realized that I had a box of pancake mix:

With pancake mix, oil, soymilk, AND:

I went to work.

It should be noted that I also had The Perfect Pancake Maker. Yeah, the infomercial that says: "If you can turn a doorknob, you can make a pancake." doorknob doesn't make my pancake stick to the nonstick surface, effing up my pancake flip.

Doorknob - 1; Perfect Pancake - 0

The mix wasn't bad at all. It actually made the pancakes quite fluffy and tasty. Unfortunately, the Perfect Pancake Maker burned most of the pancakes. I wound up flipping half of the pancakes with a spatula. At that point, it was easier to just cook in a regular non stick pan.

To round out the pancake meal, I decided to make some strawyberry soymilk. I think some brands actually manufacture this flavor, but I drink it so rarely that I would never go through an entire container before it went bad. So I use Store Brand Strawberry Syrup mixed with my soymilk. It's good. Tastes even better in my Awesome Batman Cup. Jealous? I thought so.

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