Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pancakes #2: The Perfect Pancake

I didn't think it could be done. The Perfect Vegan Pancake: light, fluffy, golden brown and no different than any other pancake out there. Today, I did it. I was able to conquer all with one non-stick pan and a spatula.

What You Need:


Our friends, Aunt Jemima and Ener-G are back. 1c Aunt J and 1 egg equivalent of Ener-G.
3/4c Soymilk, or other non-dairy milk
1T oil, canola

One Non-Stick pan
(Preferably One Awesome Electric Griddle)
One Spatula/Turner thing
One ladle

1. Mix up egg and add oil to it, mixing thoroughly.
2. Combine the egg/oil mixture and the soymilk with the pancake mix. Stir until it just comes together (lumps ok.)
3. Let the batter REST. Very important. Wait 10 mins or so, it helps for fluffy pancakes later.
4. Heat pan on med-low. Flick droplets of water into pan to test for how hot it is. The droplets should skate across surface, if they disappear instantly, too hot. Nothing happens? Too cold.
5. Ladle batter into the pan in a circular motion to evenly distribute the batter. My pan is small so I was only able to do one at a time. Takes forever but it's worth it.
6. Once lots of little bubbles come up to surface of exposed pancake side, flip it over. The pancake should be able to peel from pan easily. If it doesn't, either it needs to cook another minute or your nonstick surface sucks so get a new pan.
7. Less time on this side, check for an even brown coating. Most of mine aren't perfect on the 2nd side, splotchy brown is ok.
8. That's it. Repeat until batter is gone. Make a lot of these and freeze them to have awesome pancakes ready at any time.

Serves 2 People. I got about 7 3-4 inch pancakes, with 3 or so per person. Because, c'mon, who stops at one or two pancakes?

Here's another pic, this one is of my monster pancake I made:

Probably don't want to know this, but here is the Nutritional Info. NOTE: Nutritional Info does not include syrup. One serving equals one half of the total recipe above.

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