Monday, August 6, 2007

Appetizers: Mediterranean Plate

Here is a cute little appetizer layout I did the other day. On the plate: stuffed grape leaves, pita triangles I toasted, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers. In the mini bowls: olive tapenade and hummus.

The stuffed grape leaves, untoasted pitas, hummus and olive tapenade are from Holy Land Bakery in Minneapolis. Actually, they were from one of the many local grocery stores where Holy Land sells their wares.

EDIT:Actually, the stuffed grape leaves were from a can. I forgot about it, haha. They are really tasty but I forgot what brand. They are also fairly cheap for the anount you get. A couple bucks for at least twelve or more.

Another look:

I altered the hummus a lot because it was rather soupy. Since Holy Land makes fresh hummus, every now and then there will be a not so good batch. I took the tub of hummus, added one can of garbanzo beans, a little garlic, some cumin, some red pepper flakes, and olive oil. I blended it all in the Magic Bullet and wound up with some excellent thick hummus.

I toasted the pitas in the toaster oven, then sliced into triangles.

Last look:


the pleasantly plump vegan said...

lovely, just lovely.

The Saucy Coconut said...

thank you! I also wanted to make some falafel, but was too lazy for that :P

Anonymous said...

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