Sunday, August 5, 2007

Cheesy Chik'n Pasta

This was quite tasty, but the cheese sauce definitely needed some butter rather than just oil and soymilk. Everything clumped together into one giant lump and it was difficult to spoon it out. Perhaps it would have gone better if I made the sauce first, then added it to the pasta. Instead, I made it how I would mac and cheese by adding a packet of powder to the pasta in the pot.

What You Need

One Package of Morningstar Chik'n Strips
Angel Hair Pasta, broken at least in half (I used probably 4 ounces or enough for 2-3 servings. Sorry for no measurement.)
Broccoli I used frozen, fresh would be great but different cooking time.
A cheesy sauce. I used a packet of 123'z and Chreese, which is nutritional yeast based and has garlic, onion, etc. flavors in it as well. I'd recommend finding a good "cheese" sauce online, or whenever I get around to actually experimenting with a good recipe here. I need more Nutritional Yeast first.

Olive Oil
Butter of some kind. I was out, and it turned out ok.
Salt & Pepper
Optional: I added some dry basil leaves, dry dill, and red pepper flakes at the end, you can add whatever you like.

1. Start boiling water for pasta.
2. Heat up pan on med-low heat, spray a little oil in pan. Once hot, dump the chik'n strips in pan. Sautée for several minutes.
3. Add broccoli to chik'n.
4. Add pasta, broken in half or smaller, to water.
5. Cook Chik'n and broccoli until chik'n gets browned a bit. Broccoli may be browned as well (bright green but brown in spots because of cooking)
6. Drain and rinse pasta. Put back in pot. Add soymilk, chreese, and olive oil. Stir until desired consistancy.
7. Put chik'n and broccoli into the cheesy pasta, mix thoroughly. EAT.

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