Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bravo! Café and Bakery: Tofu with Szechuan Sauce; Sesame "Chicken," Veggie Fish with Broccoli

There is a tiny little bakery near me called Bravo! Café and Bakery which is so cute and it serves all-vegetarian Asian food, and most of the dishes are also vegan. They even sell vegan cakes by the slice or special request. They have been expanding because they now serve veggie dumplings, and offer brown rice for an extra .50; the meals are only $5 and you get a LOT. Here are 3 dishes we recently got for takeout:

Silken Tofu with Sczechuan Sauce and TVP pieces:

This dish is pretty good, but only if I'm in the mood for it. Fresh tofu is usually a turn off, and in this particular instance alex ordered the Fried Tofu in Brown Sauce but they gave us this and we didn't realize this until we got home. Ah well.

Sesame "Chicken" with veggies and brown rice:

This is also fairly tasty. Little deep fried pieces of vegetarian "chicken" in a sweet and sour style sauce and covered in sesame seeds. Served with brown rice and veggies.

Finally, we have my favorite (and blurry, sorry) Veggie Fish and Broccoli in Brown Sauce:

OMG. I think that they make the "fish" from scratch. It's like a chewy tofu, but different. The taste is actually somewhat "fishy", and they even have a "skin" on it made of nori or something. Soooooooooooo good. Love love love it.

That's all from Bravo! but I'm sure I'll have more soon.

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