Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crispy Buffalo Tofu Triangles

Wow. This was a fun experiement, and one I am doing again!

What You Need:

1 water packed container (12-18 oz) tofu, extra firm
1/2 of a small box of Shake and Bake Extra Crispy (or seasoned breadcrumbs)
1 bottle of Frank's Red Hot
Lots of Earth Balance Vegan Butter

Ok. I should say that in addition to the 18 oz container of tofu, we used a frozen block of tofu as well (I think it was 12 oz) which we thawed and drained. This was just to compare the two textures to see what worked best. We both agreed that the frozen was too tough when cooked side by side with the fresh stuff. Perhaps it would work better to cook the frozen tofu separately. It was still edible, but it was just too chewy for my preference.

1. drain your tofu, cut into triangles.

2. Make the buffalo sauce. I used the recipe off the Frank's Red Hot bottle which was something like one cup of Red Hot to 3/4 cup melted butter.

3. Put the tofu triangles in a bowl and pour the buffalo sauce over them. Allow for some good marinating time. I was too impatient and only waited 15 minutes or so.

4. Pour Shake n Bake on a plate and coat tofu piece by piece. (NOTE: next tiem, I will try to actually shake the tofu in a bag, but I was afraid that it might fall apart.)

5. Place breaded tofu on sheetpan which is covered in foil. Preheat oven (I think I did 325 F? I made this a while ago and I just followed the directions on the Shake-N-Bake box.)

6. Bake tofu. This took longer than I wanted it to, maybe close to 40 minutes? It took a while, but the breading eventually stuck on the tofu and really became a nice crispy coating.

7. Make dipping sides: I just used more buffalo sauce and some chipotle BBQ sauce.

8. EAT.

This was super addictive and I'm excited to try it again. We made WAY TOO MUCH with two big containers of tofu, but it was still great.

Another photo, sorry for the gross lighting:

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