Monday, October 31, 2011

Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies & Soft Cookie Cannonballs [Vegan Mofo]

It's the last day of Vegan Month of Food
!!!! It's been a blast doing this and I am already excited for next year, haha. I have also been thinking of different themes or putting more thought into next year's event. I'll have more on my reflections and recapping what I did this month tomorrow. Today, let's talk cookies.

Ah, cookies. I LOVE cookies. All types, you can't really go wrong. In my house, there is a great cookie debate. I like a crispy cookie to dunk into milk and then devour. I could easily put away a sleeve of Oreos. Lots of people prefer chewy, soft cookies, but I only like those if they are fresh from the oven. Mr. Coconut, on the other hand, prefers chewy, tender cookies that melt in your mouth, no milk necessary.

Did you know? Target's Market Pantry brand chocolate chip cookies are accidentally vegan. Both the crispy and chewy varieties. They taste like Chips Ahoy! I've actually found quite a few generic brands of cookies that are accidentally vegan.

No store bought cookie can top the wonderfulness of homemade, though. This is mainly because I love eating cookie dough, though.

I had a craving for cookies and happened to have all the necessary ingredients on hand, so I made THIS recipe for chocolate chip cookies from The PPK. The only thing I changed was using cornstarch instead of tapioca flour. It worked great. I used
Ghirardelli chocolate chips - the semi-sweet variety.

I must say that the dough felt a bit oily, and maybe next time I make these I'll try cutting back on the fat and subbing in flax seeds or something. I baked these for a little longer than I should have so they were quite crispy. I loved them

Since I have a small cookie sheet and could only bake 8 at a time, I pulled out my donut hole maker and went to work on delicious cookie "cannonballs". I had to cook these for much longer than the machine wanted to, about 2-3 "rounds" to get my desired texture. The cannonballs turned out great and the best of both worlds: firm, almost crisp outside with a chewy, tender inside.

I then took whatever remaining dough was left and made 3 smallish cookies and baked them in the toaster oven just to see what would happen. The cookies were still great! These were a little chewier than the oven-baked ones, mainly because I baked them a shorter amount of time.

A close up of a cannonball:

And a close up of a cookie:

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