Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vegan Month of Food V - Wrap Up!

Vegan Month of Food Wrap-Up!

I made 26 individual posts, and did 22 days. Not bad for my first Vegan Mofo! This was the fifth annual Vegan Mofo, and I REALLY look forward to participating next year. I've already been contemplating different themes and ideas.

What did I learn? To not hold back and post, post, post! This made me not afraid to post things, even if I've made the exact same thing or don't have a recipe. Talking about food is something I LOVE to do, so why not do it more? I am also trying to be more entertaining as my writing is seriously dry and I need to cut loose a bit. Food is fun.

So, for reference, here are the various posts I did thorughout this month. I tried to put them into similar groups, but some just had no category to fall into.

This month I posted about food trucks, twice, and
I also documented my annual visit to the MN State Fair.

Soups and Stews dominiated this month: one made okra, tomato and quinoa; one with kidney beans; one with white beans; a lentil soup; and a hard lesson learned with old beans.

I made & ate several sweet things, including breakfast:
chocolate chip cookies and cookie cannonballs; blueberry waffles which on a later day became pancake pelotas. I also tried some chocolates from Sjaaks.

I tried my hand at making seitan bites and curried seitan strips with great results.

I "baked" - sort of: I tried samosas in puff pastry and
a whole wheat chickpea pot pie.

I did a couple Asian-inspired dishes (aside from those not already listed):
broccoli fried rice and mock duck coconut curry, curry sauce from pureed butternut squash and tried out Thai Veggie Chicken.

And the other food posts with no identifiable category:
cornmeal crusted tofu with broccoli, mango/parsley/raspberry smoothie, onion tater tots, taco beans & rice, and I took a stab at a chik'n salad sandwich.

To round everything out, I showed off my empty fridge and discussed how I reuse bottles for everything.

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