Sunday, October 30, 2011

Puff Pastry Samosas [Vegan Mofo]

Vegan Month of Food has only one more day left!

I experimented a bit with puff pastry today. I made a samosa mix: potatoes diced very small, cooked with small diced carrots and onions and frozen peas. I cooked the mixture with curry powder, veggie broth, garlic, and salt. I finished it with a little flour to help thicken the broth and some cilantro and parsley.

Then I spooned the mix onto thawed squares of frozen puff pastry, wrapping to the best of my ability. I baked at 400 degrees F until golden brown. The above photo was the most successful triangle shape I made.

In the end, there was too much pastry to filling, but I'm not sure how to fix this other than using phyllo dough instead off puff pastry. I would like to try more of a mashed potato approach to the mixture: make curry mashed potatoes and then mix in cooked onion, peas and carrots.

Here's a photo of the other various shapes that came out of this batch (with some cookies cooling on the edge of the photo, that's another post, though):

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Anonymous said...

I cannot keep puff pastry in my house. It's too...delicious and I have absolutely no self control when it comes to savory gluteny goodness.