Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pancake Pelotas with Smoky Maple Tempeh Bacon [Vegan Mofo]

Vegan Month of Food continues, only 4 more days!

So I got a donut hole/cake pop maker from Bella Cucina. The first thing in my head to make: "pancake pelotas" (as named by Mr. Coconut) -- aka waffle balls, aka Pancake Puffs, aka aebleskivers.

These were SO MUCH FUN to eat. I cannot emphasize that enough. The sheer delight of popping one of these adorable little waffle balls into my mouth with vegan butter, syrup and a piece of smoky maple tempeh bacon from Tofurky --- my mouth exploded with joy. It took a while to make these, but they were pretty easy: pour batter into holes, close the device, and then pop out the little puffs when done.

The tempeh bacon was quite delicious, also! I will DEFINITELY be making this entire breakfast again, hopefully this weekend.

I really want to make donut holes and/or cake pops with this thing too. I am also imagining all sorts of food I can make into adorable little round balls. Miniature food is awesome.

more pictures:

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