Friday, October 28, 2011

Thai Veggie Chicken [Vegan Mofo]

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Vegan Month of Food continues!

A product review for Karen & Sisters Veggie Thai Chicken.

They sell all sorts of interesting macro and vegan items at a store nearby, so I like to try them out from time to time. I had this product the other day, and it wasn't bad. Chewy, thin strips made of TVP, with carrots, cabbage, onions, and other seasonings/spices. It can be eaten cold or warm. The texture is interesting, I thought for sure it was made of wheat gluten, but checked the ingredients to be sure.

I heated mine up, and ate it with soy sauce and sweet and sour dipping sauce. It was a great lunch. Filling, and tons of protein. It would work great in a larger stir fry or other rice/noodle dish.

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