Monday, October 1, 2012

Caprese Salad with Daiya [Vegan Mofo - Bonus!]

That's right, a bonus second post for Vegan Month of Food Day One!
A beautiful caprese salad, made with slices ofjalapeno garlic havarti Daiya wedge.
Yeah, Daiya made a "hard" cheese. The wedges come in cheddar, jack, and the above-mentioned jalapeno garlic havarti flavors. The havarti tastes what I remember pepper jack cow cheese tasting like -- and that was one of my faves to eat on crackers or plain. So it was delightful to make the caprese salad with Daiya.

The tomatoes and basil are from the aforementioned CSA. I also drizzled a tiny bit of olive oil over the salad as well as fresh sea salt and fresh ground black pepper. I loved it, Mr. Coconut did not care for it. ("Too cheesy" was the complaint. Pfft.)

What is a CSA? Well, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it involves getting a weekly supply of produce from a local farm. I did a lot of research and chose a farm that had a drop-off site near me. It's been fantastic getting fresh, organic produce every week since June 8th. (The season of my farm goes through most of, maybe all of, October.) I'll be talking more about CSAs and specific details of my experience with it. (Spoiler alert: I'd like to do it again next year.)

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