Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Papa John's Kicked-Up Veggie Pizza [Vegan Mofo]

Day Two continues with Vegan MoFo! I'm on a roll now and hope to keep it up. Day two, post two.

Dinner tonight - a one topping (pineapple) Papa John's pizza that I got for free (or nearly free). I sliced up a bunch of my CSA vegetables that I had as well as some other items to create a massive vegetable pizza. Green peppers,
Hungarian wax peppers, onion were from the CSA. Mushrooms and green olives in the pantry. (Note: only part of this pizza has olives and mushrooms since they are not Mr. Coconut's favorite toppings. More for me.)

Behold the sea of vegetables:


TuxedoCat said...

My mouth is just watering looking at that pizza! I love Papa John's pizza, as well as olives and peppers, so this dish is right up my alley. Way to take it up a notch!

The Saucy Coconut said...

@TuxedoCat -