Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lentil Soup and French Bread

Or maybe it's Italian bread. Or a generic white bread. I'm not sure.

This dish is from a local café on campus called Espresso 22. It's a "spicy" lentil soup with a LOT of bread on the side (a whole mini loaf as you cna see). The soup is very filling and made from scratch and cheap. A medium coffee and a bowl of soup with bread is less than five bucks. I think it's great.

Another picture:


Anonymous said...

god i love espresso 22's lentil soup. their hummus and bread was also a favorite of mine.


The Saucy Coconut said...

it's so tasty and filling and perfect on a cold day. soup and bread and coffee, mmmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

By the way, our lentil chili is vegan. (bored at work)-the barista :)