Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Juicy Lucy: Vegan Style

This is my vegan version of a Juicy Lucy, which is a legendary burger around Minneapolis. I've never had a "real" Juicy Lucy, but have had it described in detail and read about it a lot.

I used a Vegan Boca Burger, sliced in half horizontally to create two skinny patties, and I then inserted one slice of Vegan Rice Cheddar Cheese by Galaxy Foods. (I haven't been able to find the American flavor or the Pepper Jack flavor, but I want to. I like this "cheese" quite a bit because unlike Tofutti slices, this stuff is trans fat free!)

I ate the whole concoction on one piece of bread, and folded it all in half to have a weird double cheeseburger juicy lucy type of thing. It was tasty, but I believe that there wasn't enough fat in the burger to achieve true "juiciness".


Anonymous said...

also the "meat" has to entirely encompass the cheese so none escapes, which is obviously tough to do when your using a pre-made patty. then when you cut or bite into it the cheese oozes out and scalds your tongue. :P

i bet you could use the same mixture used to make vegan meatloafs and just make patties that way and insert the cheese inside.


The Saucy Coconut said...


Yeah, that is a good idea. I'm working to concoct a brilliant homemade veggie burger...but perhaps before black bean burgers I should work on a meatloaf style thing. I used to make a pretty kick ass meatloaf, so I bet I could make up a vegan one fairly well....

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

i have not, until just know, heard of a juicy lucy. interesting.
my hubby would love the vegan version you've made.

Coach Marko said...

Awesome creation-- someone was just asking me recently if there was a vegetarian version of the Jucy Lucy (note: no "i" in Jucy, according to hardcores), and I said no. Even better that you've come up with a vegan version.

So now I can say, "Yes, we DO have a Jucy Lucy, except that it's good for you, and not gut-bombingly greasy, nanner nanner!"