Monday, August 27, 2007

Sriracha Potatoes

Just potatoes mixed with sriracha. They look cool. Taste good, too.

I have a couple of food theories. Number one, anything can be made into a sandwich. Anything.

Two, almost everything is tasty with sriracha on it. Casey from Top Chef answered the question I've long been wondering: Is Sriracha Good With Ice Cream? The answer: No.

A close third is everything is better (or at least tasty) deep fried. Cookies, candybars, potatoes, onions, vegetables, fruit, dough, ice cream....

That's about it for universal or near universal food truths.


Anonymous said...

no, no. oatmeal and sriracha is not good either

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

oh god, we love sriracha! it is a staple in our food.

The Saucy Coconut said...

haha, good to know about oatmeal.